Bosnian Canadian Relief Association

Serving Humanity Since 1992

Ramadan Food Donations

We have organized a convenient campaign to deliver $50 food donations to needy families in Bosnia. The food will be delivered in each individual donor's name.

Please donate generously during Ramadan to this and all our other programs. The need is great, find it in your heart to make one family happy and donate.


Orphans Sponsorship

Support orphans, students, or needy families with a one-time or recurring payments through paypal.

Please join our sponsorship program today. The need is great and the help is appreciated. Sponsor an Orphan/Student/Family for $360/$720/$500 annually.

Make a one time donation here:

You can also sign up for convenient recurring payment options. Note that a one-time Paypal account setup process will be required. You can stop your sponsorship at any time.

Recurring Sponsorship Options
Stop Sponsorship

On Oct 1, 2014, 360 Orphans in Bosnia and Herzegovina have received your donations. BCRA works with local humanitarian organizations in B&H, who look after the Orphans. The list of following cities from Bosnia where these organizations are located.....Gorazde $ 8,590.00 / Kakanj $ 6,610.00 / Kljuc $ 18,740.00 / Stolac $ 3,560.00 / Bos. Krupa $ 3,860.00 / Srebrenica $ 2,760.00 / Hrasnica $ 14,660.00 / Teocak $ 6,050.00....TOTAL: $ 64,830.00

About BCRA: Serving Humanity Since 1992

The Bosnian Canadian Relief Association is a Canadian charitable organization focused on humanitarian efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B & H). The organization was established in 1992 in response to the humanitarian disaster that followed genocidal aggression against the civilian population of B & H.

During the Bosnian war from 1992 to 1995, the BCRA delivered large quantities of much needed food, clothing, medicine and medical equipment directly to the victims of aggression. With the conclusion of hostilities, we continued to aid thousands of people through the sponsorship of orphans, funding of soup kitchens, establishment of an annual Qurbani meat distribution program, and assisting in refugee return and reconstruction efforts.

The BCRA has also participated in global emergency relief projects including help for Indonesia following the 2004 tsunami, Pakistan after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and Gaza following the humanitarian disaster that ensued in January of 2009.

Our primary focus remains financial aid and scholarship support for orphans. Please join us and support an orphan today!

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