We’re leading charitable efficiency and impact.

We have been serving humanity since 1992 and have dedicated decades to a vision of a more compassionate world.

With a total overhead of just 11% and an administrative cost of only 5.95%, we’re not just below Canada’s 40% charitable overhead average – we’re redefining it!

By setting a new standard in charitable efficiency, our volunteer-driven model ensures your contributions make the most significant impact, directly empowering those in need.

Catalysts for Change: Our Pivotal Campaigns

Each of our campaigns is a unique story of hope, resilience, and community. From empowering individual lives to generating global change, your donation is a light to those in darkness and a strength to the vulnerable. Please donate to join us in serving humanity.

Global Outreach Initiative

Aid for Gaza: Urgent Relief Needed

Al Jazeera - Yahya Hassouna/AFP

Gaza is facing unprecedented challenges, and your support is crucial. Join us in providing aid and rebuilding hope in a community that has endured so much. Your contribution brings much-needed relief and a ray of hope to those affected by recent devastations.

Discretionary BCRA Initiative

Drive Discretionary Action for Maximum Impact

BCRA - Empowering Change

The Discretionary BCRA Fund is where your support meets our expertise in identifying the most pressing needs. From responding to sudden crises to bolstering ongoing programs and community development, your donation grants us the flexibility to use funds where they are most impactful.

Islamic Legacy Initiative

Qurban: A Gift of Sacrifice

Eid-Adha Qurban - Share the Joy

Celebrate Eid-Adha with a heart full of giving. By participating in our Qurban campaign, you ensure that the joy of this blessed occasion is shared with the less fortunate. Your contribution ensures that those facing hardship are able to celebrate this sacred festival with joy and dignity.

Join us in serving humanity. Together, we are creating meaningful change.

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